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The only requirement is that you have more than 1,000 followers on Twitter and a strong desire to participate in the campaigns.

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It doesn't matter that you're not famous or have thousands of followers.
Recommend products from brands related to your profile and get paid for it. Campaigns with macroinfluencers are a safe bet for advertisers and Publisuites has a place for you.

How to earn money with your social networks?

3 easy and quick steps to become a Publisuites influencer.
1. Create a publisher account and add your Twitter
Link your Twitter and complete the data:
You can add as many Twitter accounts as you want.
2. Receive campaigns and participate

When an advertiser buys a publication from you, you will receive an email to let you know.

Review all the details of the campaign and participate.

The advertiser will receive your publication proposal to moderate the campaign.

3. Receive your payment

When your proposal has been approved, you will receive the money in your wallet.

You can request payment* through your panel and you will receive it within 10 working days in your PayPal or bank account.

* Minimum balance of 5€
Advantages of working with Publisuites
You choose the price
Unlike other platforms, you are the one who chooses what you want to earn for each publication.
Thousands of clients
We have more than 58.902 advertisers looking for media like yours to publish in.
Guaranteed payment
In 10 working days we will deposit the money in your account.
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