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We ease the relationship between brands and companies (advertisers) with influencers, editors and exclusive media (publishers) through a single platform.

I'm an advertiser I'm a publisher

How does Publisuites work for advertisers?

If you are a brand, an agency or a company trying to increase visibility and positioning, you are in the right place.

1. Register on the platform, it's free!

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2. Choose the service you want

Discover our exclusive services to position your brand on Internet. Choose the one that best suits your campaign or make a combination of both and reach thousands of people.

Sponsored posts

Dissemination on specialized digital media and press


Create optimized and original content


Influencers' mentions on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

3. Complete the order details

Complete the order details with all the requirements you want the publisher, writer or influencer to know, to achieve your brand purpose.

Delivery date


4. Keep track of your orders

We will let you know by sending you an email when your order is delivered, so you can check it out and approve it. We will also send you your campaign reports so you can analyze the results.

Advantages of using Publisuites

We provide thousands of digital media and influencers divided by topic, influence and rate.

How does Publisuites works for publishers?

If you have a blog, social network accounts with more than 1.000 followers, or you are a writer, you can monetize them by creating content.

1. Register on the platform, it's free!

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2. Add your services

You can add as many digital media and social network accounts as you want.
If you're a write register and gain money by writing content for advertisers.

Choose the rate you want to earn per each service you register and start receiving orders!

Websites & Blogs

Add your websites or blogs and sell sponsored posts


Become a writer and gain money writing articles

Social Networks

Add your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Fan Page account and sell mentions on social networks

3. Manage all the orders in your publisher control panel

When an advertiser places you an order we will let you know by sending you an email and you will be able to see all the details.

You can decide which campaigns you accept or reject in your control panel

Pedidos pendientes Publisuites

4. Deliver the orders and receive the money

Once you complete the order, send it to the advertiser through the platform and receive the money in your wallet

Request the payment and you will have the money in your account within a period of ten working days

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Start now!

Choose the account which best suits your necessities and start now

Brands, companies and agencies

Buy content, dissemination on blogs, digital media and mentions on social networks. Make everyone know you!

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Bloggers, digital newspapers and influencers

Sell sponsored posts on your blog or digital newspaper, mentions on social networks and written articles.

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