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How does Publisuites work for advertisers?

If you are a brand, agency or company looking for more visibility and improve web positioning, you are at the perfect place.

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Still have doubt?

Consult the FAQs to finish convincing yourself why you need to try Publisuites now.

Is there a minimum amount to invest in order to start gaining visibility on Internet?

The minimum amount of credit you can add to your advertisers account is 10€. We recommend you to make a test and see how it works with this amount. But, if you actually want to get visibility we suggest you to make an investment of at least 100€. This way you will be able to appear on different blogs or digital press media, create a small social networks campaign or ask our editors for an article.

Do I have any kind of advantage if I use Publisuites frequently?

Yes, there are. If you need to use Publisuites with a high frequency we can manage your campaigns with any extra charge. In addition, we can offer you discounts per amount of orders instead of individually. Click here for more details

Which are the characteristics of the sponsored posts requested for websites/blogs and digital press media?

Sponsored posts will have at least 500 words, from 1 to 4 links (as the advertiser requests), and the basic SEO optimization characteristics. Moreover, the advertiser can request the publisher other details. Publishers must adapt to the advertisers requests. 

We suggest you to create always useful content focused on users -such as guides, free resources, ebooks and so on..- and not to focus only on browsers.


How long does it take to see the sponsored post published?

The advertiser is the one who sets the date for the post to be published. On digital press media there's no possibility to set a due date because we can not assure they hand in the order on a specific date. It completely depends on their schedules. 

Publishers have two days to accept or reject the order. Sponsored posts for websites and blogs have to be published before the due date stablished by the advertiser. If it isn't published before, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

Can I request for changes if I don't like a sponsored post I order?

Yes, you can ask for modifications if the sponsored post doesn't accomplish the details you requested at the beginning or it has less quality than you expected. You can ask for any number of modifications until you are fine with the result. 

If you want to change something you didn't request on the briefing at the beginning, the publisher can deny to do it. This doesn't happen very often, but this is why it's very important to be sure of what you want before sending the order of a sponsored post. 

How long will the posts, Tweets and Mentions be published?

Sponsored posts must have a permanent nature. They mustn't be deleted while the website is registered on Publisuites. If the website disappears from the platform, the posts have a 6 months guarantee since the date the post was published.

Tweets and Mentions have a minimum continuance of 30 days. If you have any problem related to this issue, please contact us at

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