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How does Publisuites work for advertisers?

If you are a brand, agency or company looking for more visibility and improve web positioning, you are at the perfect place.

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Discover our exclusive services to position your brand on the Internet. Choose the one that best suits your campaign or make a combination of both to reach millions of people.

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Dissemination in specialized blogs of your topic

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Press releases

Writing and publication of press releases in authoritative media

Presence in the press

Content writing

Creation of original and SEOptimized content

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Sponsored tweets and retweets campaign

Influencer Marketing

Managed Service

We manage your campaigns at no additional cost

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Still have doubt?

Consult the FAQs to finish convincing yourself why you need to try Publisuites now.

Is there a minimum amount to invest in order to start gaining visibility on Internet?

The minimum amount of credit you can add to your advertisers account is 10€. We recommend you to make a test and see how it works with this amount. But, if you actually want to get visibility we suggest you to make an investment of at least 100€. This way you will be able to appear on different blogs or digital press media, create a small social networks campaign or ask our writers for an article.

Do I have any kind of advantage if I use Publisuites frequently?

In a single platform you have websites, newspapers, influencers, copywriters and, in addition, free training and management tools for your projects, which will save you time and money.

If you also use the platform regularly, we can manage your campaigns for you and access exclusive discounts.

Which are the characteristics of the sponsored posts requested for websites/blogs and digital press media?

Sponsored posts will have at least 500 words, from 1 to 4 links (as the advertiser requests), and the basic SEO optimization characteristics. Moreover, the advertiser can request the publisher other details. Publishers must adapt to the advertisers requests. 

We suggest you to create always useful content focused on users —such as guides, free resources, ebooks and so on...— and not to focus only on browsers.


How long does it take to see the sponsored post published?

When you make a purchase, you can indicate the deadline for the completion of the order and the publisher has 48 hours to accept the order.

In the case of print media, the publication date depends on the media's editorial calendar, but will always be published as soon as possible, in an average of 5 days, although it can be pubished before.

Can I request for changes if I don't like a sponsored post I order?

Yes, if some of the details of the briefing have not been taken into account or the order is of a lower quality than expected, you can request changes within 7 days of delivery of the order.

How long will the posts, Tweets and Mentions be published?

Sponsored posts must have a permanent nature. They mustn't be deleted while the website is registered on Publisuites. If the website disappears from the platform, the posts have a 6 months guarantee since the date the post was published.

Tweets and Mentions have a minimum continuance of 30 days. If you have any problem related to this issue, please contact us at

What are the payment methods?

The payment methods available to invest as an advertiser are credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

And what about contracted texts?

The texts will always be 100% original, and we have tools in place to ensure that you do not receive duplicate texts. In addition, our copywriters pass a strict access test to ensure that you receive quality texts.

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