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How does Publisuites for publishers work?

If you have a blog or you are a writer, in Publisuites you can start earning money comfortably and safely.

1. Register on the platform, it's free!
2. Add your services
You can add as many media and social network accounts as you like. If you are a writer, sign up and earn money for writing content for advertisers, or do it all at once! Choose the price you want to charge for each service you register and start receiving orders.
Webs & Blogs
Add your webs or blogs and sell sponsored posts
Become a writer and earn money creating content for businesses
3. Manage orders in your publisher panel

When an advertiser places an order with you we will notify you with an email and in your publisher account.

You can see all the details to decide which orders you accept or if you want to decline any.

4. Deliver orders and receive money

Once the order has been completed, hand it over to the advertiser via the platform and receive the money in your wallet.

Apply for payment and receive it within 10 working days.

Still have doubt?
Consult the FAQs to finish convincing yourself why you need to try Publisuites now.
About payments...

We always make payments within a maximum period of 10 working days. 

Process to cash your money:

1. You must have your tax data completed in your publishers account. Remember that all the information has to be real. Any irregularity will be under your own responsibility. 

2. To request the payment and cash out via PayPal (to all a countries all over the world) you must have at least 5€ in your wallet. To cash out by a bank transfer you must have at least 25€ (only for Spain).

3. You have to ask us for the payment and the invoice. 

4. Once we receive the request, we will make the payment within a maximum period of 10 working days.

If you are a freelance or a company you will cash out the total amount you have in your wallet + VAT.

If you’re not, and you’re a resident in Spain we will subtract the 15% of the total amount (for Treasury Department).

If you live in another country you will be able to cash out the total amount. 


*PayPal charge may charge extra fees.

The minimum amount to cash out from your wallet is 5 € via PayPal (available to countries all over the world. We work with more that 40 European and American countries). If you’re a Spanish resident you can also cash out 25 € minimum by bank transfer.

You won’t be able to cash your money out if you don’t have the minimum.

Yes, you can do it yurself. Access your publishers account and click on “Transfer credit to an Advertiser” which is on top and on the right side of the control panel. You only have to fill the fields with the email you have set for your advertiser account and set the amount you want to transfer. The credit will be automatically transferred. 

In addition, we will give you an extra 10% of the total amount every time you transfer credit from your publishers account to your advertisers one. For example, if you transfer 100 € from your publishers account, you will receive 10 extra € in your advertisers account. This way you will be able to invest as advertiser at the same time you give your brand more visibility. 

About websites and sponsored posts...

You can do it in 3 different ways: 

1. You have the option to introduce a meta tag. This way we will be able to verify you are the owner of the website.

2. You can verify it by uploading a file to the root directory of your website. This file has to be revised by us before, this way we can confirm you’re actually the owner of the website. 

3. You can also have the option to verify it by connecting it to Google Analytics.

This is a security measure to check that the website is yours or that you have access and the right to publish sponsored posts on the site. In this way we guarantee the advertiser that by purchasing your sponsored post will be published.

There is no risk. We use the same system that Google uses to verify an account in Google Search Console. In addition, we collaborate with Google Analytics, which is a great guarantee of security.

Your website must comply with the following essential requirements to be part of Publisuites:

  • It has to have a blog or a section dedicated to news where posts can be published.

  • It mustn’t be a links farm.

  • It musn’t have duplicated content. 

  • It mustn’t have only images. It is important to have texts.

  • It mustn’t have bad quality or “thin” content.

  • It mustn’t have an intrusive or invasive ads. This could affect our advertisers. 

  • You have to have at least 10 posts.

  • It has to be updated (if your haven’t posted anything during the last two months, we will consider it’s been abandoned).

All these aspects are revised by Publisuites team before being included and accepted on the platform.

The sponsored posts should be written by the publishers. The details requested by the advertisers have to be accomplished. The post will keep the same style as the rest of the posts of the website. This way, your visitor’s loyalty will remain. This will also help the advertisers getting a higher scope. The more natural the post is written, the better for everyone.

However, if the advertiser prefers sending the text already written, it is possible to do it in the same order form. 

All sponsored posts must have a minimum of 500 words, good spelling and grammatical quality, the basic characteristics of SEO optimization, and the links indicated by the advertiser. In addition, they must comply with those characteristics that, although not required by Publisuites, are required by the advertiser indicated in the order.

About writers...

Unfortunately not.

Due to the quality standards demanded by our clients when contracting writing services, we can only accept as writers those who do not make any spelling, grammatical, syntax or punctuation mistakes in a first writing test. Therefore, it will not be possible to take the test again if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

You can request for a rate change once a month. Access your account and click on “Websites” or “Twitter” depending which is the one you want to change. On the right side you will see a green button with a pencil icon. You only have to click there and write the amount you want to earn. Once we have approved the change the rate will be modified. 

General questions about orders...

All sponsored posts are permanent. They have to stay published as long as the website works and mustn’t be deleted for any reason. Sponsored Tweets have to stay published at least for 30 days. All deleted sales won’t be payed.

Once you accept the order, you will be able to see a green envelope on the right side. If you click on it a chat will be opened. You will be able to ask the advertiser anything to clear your doubts related to the order. 

Publishers have 48 hours to accept it or reject it since the advertiser places the order. Once it is accepted, the publisher must stick to the due date set by advertiser to write the post and send the url through the platform. If the publisher doesn’t do it on time, the order will be automatically cancelled, affecting their karma points.