Managed Service

Save time and money with the managed service of Publisuites

Don't have time to manage your orders?

We'll take care of it.

We have a specialised marketing team at your disposal to help you manage your sponsored posts or copywriting campaigns.

You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Receive proposals and personalised quotes in less than 24 working hours according to your requirements. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll take care of managing your orders.

Advantages of Managed Service

* From 200 € per month.
More than 3.253 customers are already using the Managed Service, try it now!

How to contract the Managed Service?

You only need to have an advertiser account in Publisuites. If you don’t have one yet…

Managed Service FAQs

Simply by having a budget equal to or greater than 200 € per month you can use the Managed Service at no extra cost and without any permanence.

No, you can stop using it whenever you want.

1. You request the proposal or tell us in which media you want to publish:

2. We send you the proposal and, if it is necessary to change something, we modify it.

3. We create the campaign so that you can enter the necessary data to launch the orders (you will receive an e-mail) and you make the payment of the campaign.

4. We take care of the management of the publications, programming the publications according to the dates you choose, placing the orders and verifying that they are correct before delivering them to you.

5. We deliver the publications made in the campaign so that you can see them at any time. You will receive an e-mail when there are new publications.

In the case of press, you will first receive the draft text for approval and then the publication of the same.

6. You can approve the orders if they are correct or request modifications if you want to change something according to the briefing so that we can manage them.

Yes, we can make proposals to publish on different websites or customers and apply a global discount to all campaigns, regardless of the websites or clients. 

We have more than 12.000 websites on Publisuites, we will search 3 times tops to find the media that adapts your requirements (as long as they are feasible). The proposals are not binding.

In the campaign you need to add the basic information so that the publisher or writer can place your order, such as the keywords and urls you want to link to in sponsored posts campaigns or the number of words in text campaigns.

We recommend that you add as much information as possible, this will help the editor to have all the information to make the order as you need it.

You must make the payment once you have completed the data of your campaign. It will be automatically added to your cart so you can pay by credit card, Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

When you fill in the details of a campaign, you will be able to indicate the launch date of the order and it will be published as soon as possible, the average time is usually 5 days, although it can be published before. In the case of press media, the publication date depends on the media’s editorial calendar, but it will always be published as soon as possible.

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