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Press release publishing services from 10 €

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Writing included in the publication

A team of qualified writers will write your press release according to the briefing you give us.

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You choose the media in which you want to publish.

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Newspapers transmit authority to your website and that improves SEO positioning.

How it works?

3 easy steps to publish your press release with Publisuites

1. Select the medium where you want to appear

Segment the newspapers according to your needs to choose the ones that best suit your business.

Filter according to theme, language, country, price, SEO metrics...

Add it to the cart and indicate the details of the order to the publisher.


2. Complete your order briefing

Fill the order form indicating to the publisher of the website all the details to write the press release with all the information you have.

Indicate the anchor text + urls to which you want to link and the type of link.

In a maximum of 48 hours you will get an answer from the publisher.

3. Receive the publication url

Once the publisher has completed the order you will receive the publication link in your Publisuites advertiser panel.