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Since 2014, we've been working to make life easier for advertisers looking to boost their business and stand out in the online world. Publisuites has become a reference marketplace where you can find blogs, press media and editors, as well as influencers on the same platform. The secret of success? Combine in a team from La Mancha, Madrid and Andalusia. But our "borders" have no limits and from our offices in Paseo de la Castellana (Madrid), we work with more than 40 countries.

Discover the team behind Publisuites

Mario Armenta, CEO
Mario Armenta
Pepe Moral CFO
Pepe Moral
Juan Santamaria, CTO
Juan Santamaría
Chus Naharro, Marketing Strategist
Chus Naharro
CMO & Designer
Alicia Adame, Customer Success
Alicia Adame
Customer Success
Juan Carlos Gómez, Customer Success
Juan Carlos Gómez
Customer Success
Blanca Madrid, Customer Success
Blanca Madrid
Customer Success
Agustín Chamero, Customer Success
Agustín Chamero
Customer Success
Natalia García, Customer Success
Natalia García
Customer Success
Carmen León, Support Manager
Carmen León
Support Manager
Marta Panduro, Support Manager
Marta Panduro
Support Manager
Samuel Torres, Chief Sales Officer
Samuel Torres
Chief Sales Officer
Irene Carretero, Sales Manager
Irene Carretero
Sales Manager
Silvia Fernández-Medina, Sales Manager
Silvia Fernández-Medina
Sales Manager
Pilar Sánchez, Sales Manager
Pilar Sánchez
Sales Manager
Olga Mejías, Content Manager
Olga Mejías
Content Manager
Nisse El Ayati, Financial Manager
Nisse El Ayati
Financial Manager
Borja García, Support Manager
Borja García
Support Manager

Collaborate with us

Rubén Alonso,Podcaster en
Rubén Alonso
Podcaster en
Rocío García,Youtuber en nuestro canal HappyBuilding
Rocío García
Youtuber en nuestro canal