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Since 2014, Publisuites has become a marketplace of reference for lovers of the digital marketing world. But we know that working to grow your business online can be hard sometimes, and that’s why we don’t want to be just another platform, but the colleague who is on the other side of the screen to lend you a hand and give you a push when you need it.
Pepe Moral
I am the conductor of this fantastic orchestra. I can’t think of a better team.
Alicia Adame
Customer Success
I like to make your life easier by managing campaigns with your orders.
Carmen León
Support Manager
The one that attends to your doubts as an Advertiser and helps you to resolve any possible incidents.
Juan Santamaría
Since 2014 programming and improving the platform for all of you.
Samuel Torres
I manage the sales team, so if you don’t know what to buy, how much to invest or what to expect… I’m your solution.
Silvia Fernández-Medina
Marketing Specialist
I’m in charge of the marketing department so the content, newsletters and promotions you see and receive are my thing.
Blanca Madrid
Customer Success​​
I work with the best writers at Publisuites and make sure that their texts are just as advertisers need them to be.
Juan Carlos Gómez
Customer Success​
I manage your sponsored post campaigns so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Natalia García
Customer Success​​
My mission is to get you the best links for your business, whatever your budget (from 200;))
Marta Panduro
Support Manager
The person who attends to the Editors: I help to resolve possible incidents and doubts.
Olga Mejías
Content Manager
I’m the one who looks for interesting content for your blog and prepares it so that you can position it.
Mariángeles Ramírez
Sales Manager
I am the person who helps you with your projects, if you don’t know how to start or what you need.
Content Manager

I help you position your business with the media and content that best suits you.

Content Manager​

My goal is for your content to be completely optimized for search engines and to meet all your expectations.

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