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Common questions

What is Publisuites?

Publisuites is a content marketing platform which connects brands and agencies with publishers (editors, bloggers, influencers, journalists, and more!)


What is it for?

Being an advertiser allows you to accomplish your content marketing strategy and to have access to specialized editors, bloggers, influencers and press media. 

Being a publisher allows you to gain money as an editor or talking about brands on your blog or social networks. 

What are the advantages for the advertisers while using Publisuites?

They can make their content marketing strategy work. They are able to create content, disseminate it on blogs and press media and get traffic and virality on social media. 

How do publishers gain money? (bloggers, journalists, influencers and editors)

Publishers (bloggers, journalists, influencers and editors) can have benefits with their websites or blogs doing what they do the best: writing! The only difference is that they have to write about a product, service or company.

Publishers having their social networks added (+ 1000 followers) can have benefits from products, services or companies by posting sponsored Mentions or Tweets. 

In this case the advertisers are the ones who set the campaign. They segment publishers depending on what they are looking for. Then, publishers receive a request to participate. Advertisers suggest an example of a Tweet or Mention. Publishers can modify this example to adapt it to their style and post it on their social networks.


Can I be an advertiser and a publisher at the same time?

Yes you can, but not with the same account.

You would need to register twice (you can do it with a same email address): one as a publisher and the other as an advertiser. This is because we have two platforms with different control panels, functions and opposite options between them. It is easier and functional to keep both platforms separated. 

How do we pay?

The payment methods used to invest as an advertiser are: credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. 

If you are a publisher and you live in Spain we can pay you through a bank transfer or PayPal. And if you live in another part of the world (we work with more than 40 countries) we can pay you only via PayPal.

How can I gain money with the affiliates system?

Our affiliates system is very simple. 

If you are a publisher you will find an affiliates link in your control panel. You can send it to your contacts so they can register as publishers in Publisuites. Everyone who signs in through your link will be added to your account. And every time they complete an order you will gain the 5% of it.

If you are an advertiser you will also have an affiliates link. For each person you bring you will receive the 12% of the amount of the first time they add credit. It will be summed up in you advertiser's account so you can use it to promote your websites or social networks on Publisuites. 

I'm interested! How can I start?

If you want to increase the visibility of your business on Internet, be recognized and be well ranked you should sign up as an advertiser.

To start gaining money with Publisuites, you should sign up as a publisher and add your websites, social network accounts or do the test to be an editor.

In both cases you will receive an email to validate your registration. From that moment you will be able to start using Publisuites! 



Is there a minimum amount to invest in order to start gaining visibility on Internet?

The minimum amount of credit you can add to your advertisers account is 10€. We recommend you to make a test and see how it works with this amount. But, if you actually want to get visibility we suggest you to make an investment of at least 100€. This way you will be able to appear on different blogs or digital press media, create a small social networks campaign or ask our editors for an article.

Do I have any kind of advantage if I use Publisuites frequently?

Yes, there are. If you need to use Publisuites with a high frequency we can manage your campaigns with any extra charge. In addition, we can offer you discounts per amount of orders instead of individually. Click here for more details

Which are the characteristics of the sponsored posts requested for websites/blogs and digital press media?

Sponsored posts will have at least 500 words, from 1 to 4 links (as the advertiser requests), and the basic SEO optimization characteristics. Moreover, the advertiser can request the publisher other details. Publishers must adapt to the advertisers requests. 

We suggest you to create always useful content focused on users -such as guides, free resources, ebooks and so on..- and not to focus only on browsers.


How long does it take to see the sponsored post published?

The advertiser is the one who sets the date for the post to be published. On digital press media there's no possibility to set a due date because we can not assure they hand in the order on a specific date. It completely depends on their schedules. 

Publishers have two days to accept or reject the order. Sponsored posts for websites and blogs have to be published before the due date stablished by the advertiser. If it isn't published before, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

Can I request for changes if I don't like a sponsored post I order?

Yes, you can ask for modifications if the sponsored post doesn't accomplish the details you requested at the beginning or it has less quality than you expected. You can ask for any number of modifications until you are fine with the result. 

If you want to change something you didn't request on the briefing at the beginning, the publisher can deny to do it. This doesn't happen very often, but this is why it's very important to be sure of what you want before sending the order of a sponsored post. 

How long will the posts, Tweets and Mentions be published?

Sponsored posts must have a permanent nature. They mustn't be deleted while the website is registered on Publisuites. If the website disappears from the platform, the posts have a 6 months guarantee since the date the post was published.

Tweets and Mentions have a minimum continuance of 30 days. If you have any problem related to this issue, please contact us at


Why do I have to verify my website?

It is a security measure to prove the website you are adding is yours or you have access and permit to publish sponsored posts on it. This way we guarantee the advertisers that the requested post will be actually published. 

How do I verify my website?

You have 3 different ways: 

1. You have the option to introduce a meta tag. This way we will be able to verify you are the owner of the website.

2. You can verify it by uploading a file to the root directory of your website. This file has to be revised by us before, this way we can confirm you're actually the owner of the website. 

3. You can also have the option to verify it by connecting it to Google Analytics.

If you need more information check our Guía para editores: verify your website and start making money

Is there any risk on my website while verifying my account?

Of course not. We use the same system Google uses to verify accounts on Google Search Console. In addition, we collaborate with Google Analytics which is a security guarantee.


What do websites must have to be accepted on the platform?

Your website must comply with the following essential requirements to be part of Publisuites:

  • It has to have a blog or a section dedicated to news where posts can be published.

  • It mustn't be a links farm.

  • It musn't have duplicated content. 

  • It mustn't have only images. It is important to have texts.

  • It mustn't have bad quality or "thin" content.

  • It mustn't have an intrusive or invasive ads. This could affect our advertisers. 

  • You have to have at least 10 posts.

  • It has to be updated (If your haven't posted anything during the last two months, we will consider it's been abandoned).

All this aspects are revised by Publisuites team before being included and accepted on the platform.

How is the price of a sponsored post calculated?

The price of a sponsored post is chosen by the publisher and can be modyfied once a month. 

However, if you add a website Publisuites will give you a guide price. This price is calculated with the metrics of your website wihtout counting its traffic. This is why there's no problem if you change it. It won't affect anything in the verifying process. 

Who writes the sponsored posts? The publishers or the advertisers?

The sponsored posts should be written by the publishers. The details requested by the advertisers have to be accomplished. The post will keep the same style as the rest of the posts of the website. This way, your visitor's loyalty will remain. This will also help the advertisers getting a higher scope. The more natural the post is written, the better for everyone.

However, if the advertiser prefers sending the text already written, it is possible to do it in the same order form. 

How does a sponsored post should be?

All sponsored posts must have at least 500 words, good grammar and spelling, basic characteristics of SEO optimization and the links requested by the advertiser. Those details requested by the advertiser through the order form must be accomplished, even if they are not specified by Publisuites. 

How many time does a publisher have to do a sponsored post?

Publishers have 48 hours to accept it or reject it since the advertiser places the order. Once it is accepted, the publisher must stick to the due date set by advertiser to write the post and send the url through the platform. If the publisher doesn't do it on time, the order will be automatically cancelled affecting his/her karma points. 

Are there any negative consequences by rejecting or letting the received orders being cancelled?

There isn't any negative consequence if publishers reject orders. They have the right if they can't or don't want to do them for any reason. However, if the order is completely ignored and it's cancelled, a karma point will be subtracted from the website that received the order. 

If a website gathers negative karma points, it may be expelled from the platform due to inactivity.

How can I contact the advertiser if I have some doubts about a sponsored post I have accepted?

Once you accept the order, you will be able to see a green envelope on the right side. If you click on it a chat will be opened. You will be able to ask the advertiser anything to clear your doubts related to the order. 

How do I add my Twitter and Instagram accounts?

You can add your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

They must have at least 1000 followers.

Watch this video to see how to connect your Twitter account step by step. And this other video to see how to connect your Instagram account to start gaining money. 

Why are accounts with less than 1000 followers not allowed?

Because our advertisers are looking for online visibility and the accounts with less than 1000 followers cannot provide that at all. It's a measurement we set to guarantee our advertisers the minimum visibility on social networks even when choosing a small account. 

How do I receive orders of sponsored Tweets and Instagram publication?

Once you have added your accounts and filled the requested data, you will be able to receive campaigns that fit your profile.

Advertisers create a campaign and according to this segmentation (topic, fare per Tweet/Instagram publication, type of account, country..) the campaign is sent to the publishers they choose. These publishers have the option to accept or reject. The rate will be the one the publishers set while adding their account.

The credit won't be added to your wallet until the Tweet or publication has been sent and approved by the advertiser. 

How long do the sponsored posts, Tweets and Publications have to stay published?

All sponsored posts are permanent. They have to stay published as long as the website works and mustn't be deleted for any reason. Sponsored Tweets and Instagram publications have to stay published at least for 60 days. All deleted sales won't be payed.

How do I sign up to be an Editor?

To become an editor you have to go to the publishers panel and click on the editors section.

You'll have to apply by filling a form that will be revised by the admin. If it complies the quality requirements you will be approved as an editor. 

You'll be asked to choose a nickname which you feel identified with. Remember full names or social networks accounts are not allowed. Choose the rate per word. You will also be asked to write a 500 words sample text. It has to be 100% new and original. Ee always check they aren't copied. It also has to be related to the chosen topics because we don't accept personal texts. And of course, no grammar or spelling mistakes. 

Is there a minimum amount to cash out money from my wallet?

The minimum amount to cash out from your wallet is 5 euro via PayPal (available to countries all over the world. We work with more that 40 European and American countries). If you're a Spanish resident you can also cash out 25 euro minimum by bank transfer.

You won't be able to cash your money out if you don't have the minimum.

Is the credit that appears in my wallet net?

If you are a freelance or a company you will cash out the total amount you have in your wallet + VAT.

If you're not, and you're a resident in Spain we will subtract the 15% of the total amount (for Treasury Department).

If you live in another country you will be able to cash out the total amount. 


*PayPal charge may charge extra fees.

How do I cash out my money?

We always make payments within a maximum period of 10 working days. 

Process to cash your money:

  • 1. You must have your tax data completed in your publishers account. Remember that all the information has to be real. Any irregularity will be under your own responsibility. 

  • 2. To request the payment and cash out via PayPal (to all a countries all over the world) you must have at least 5€ in your wallet. To cash out by a bank transfer you must have at least 25€ (only for Spain).

  • 3. You have to ask us for the payment and the invoice. 

  • 4. Once we receive the request, we will make the payment within a maximum period of 10 working days.

How do I change the rate I set for sponsored posts, Tweets and Instagram?

You can request for a rate change once a month. Access your account and click on "Websites", "Instagram" or "Twitter" depending which is the one you want to change. On the right side you will see a green button with a pencil icon. You only have to click there and write the amount you want to earn. Once we have approved the change the rate will be modified. 

Can I send credit from my publisher account to my advertiser one?

Yes, you can. Access your publishers account and click on "Transfer credit to an Advertiser" which is on top and on the right side of the control panel. You only have to fill the fields with the email you have set for your advertiser account and set the amount you want to transfer. The credit will be automatically transferred. 

In addition, we will give you an extra 10% of the total amount every time you transfer credit from your publishers account to your advertisers one. For example, if you transfer 100 euro from your publishers account, you will receive 10 extra euro in your advertisers account. This way you will be able to invest as advertiser at the same time you give your brand more visibility. 

If we have not answered your question, please contact us